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Counselor Corner

Welcome to the Meek Elementary School Counseling Page

Welcome to the Meek Elementary School Counseling website.   Where every day matters for our students. We are glad you took the time to visit us and see what is happening at Meek Elementary. 

Our Goals for the Meek Elementary School Counseling Program are to:

  • Connect with each and every student in the building and provide support for students to be successful during the school day. 
  • Provide developmentally appropriate classroom guidance lessons for each student building wide.
  • Provide individualized student support groups focusing on topics ranging from new students, grief & loss support, coping with big feelings, and friendship.

For more information contact:

Lori Bowling

Meek Elementary School Counselor

(205) 221-9425

Vision Statement

The students at Meek Elementary School are resilient learners who passionately believe in their own abilities to succeed in school, and in life as future citizens. The needs of all students will be met with individualized, age-appropriate instruction. Student needs are addressed through a curriculum that fosters self-awareness, personal growth, responsibility, mindfulness, and appreciation of diversity to enable their success in a changing world. Student learning will be enhanced by national, global, and multicultural perspectives. The comprehensive school counseling program supports the achievement of every student and builds collaborative relationships with parents, staff, families, and community members to support the foundations of student success. Meek Elementary students are prepared to make a positive difference in our world.

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Please click for the Counseling Opt-in Form-/fs/resource-manager/view/4eda60f1-df3f-4ae6-9cc3-f097956cb9e4

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