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Lesley Guthrie, Library Media Specialist


Address: 6613 County Road 41, Arley, AL 35541 
Phone: 205-221-9425 

Hours and Facility
The library is open Monday 8:00-11:30, Tuesday 12:00-12:30/1:00-2:55, Wednesday 11:30-2:55, Thursday 8:00-11:30, and  Friday 8:00-11:30. We have 26 computers, which allow students to search our on-line catalog, word processing, scanning, take AR quizzes, and search the Internet. Our library is automated with the Destiny program on the school's network, which allows our patrons to easily locate needed materials. 


Book Return Policies 
Students are allowed to keep their books for up to two weeks. 
There is a $.05 charge for everyday a book is overdue. Students are responsible for the total cost of the book if the book is lost or totally destroyed. Students are also responsible for a damaged book and are charged accordingly. 

Philosophy and Role of the Meek Elementary Library Media Center 
The Meek Elementary School Library Media Center's primary objective is to implement, enrich, and support the educational program of the school. The media specialist will use information literacy, the ability to find and use information, to help create a foundation for lifelong learning. The media specialist will cooperate with the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and parents to integrate a firm library media program that will provide opportunities for students to become skillful users of technology in the twenty-first century. The goal is to help all students acquire the skills to become productive locators and evaluators, to solve problems, and to understand and promote independence and respect, and to become lifelong learners who achieve intellectual proficiency and personal fulfillment in our society today. 

Meek Elementary Collection 
The Meek Elementary School Library has a collection geared to the needs of both our school’s students and staff. Our collection includes 9,598 books and over 400 audio-visual items including videos, DVDs, audiotapes.

Meek Elementary Library Media Program 
A strong library media program is an essential component of an effective elementary school program. Teachers must be able to use the media center and its resources as an extension of the classroom at the time of need. Therefore, the media center program should allow flexible access to students and staff at all times rather than operate on a schedule of fixed periods. Flexible access facilitates information-skills instruction in conjunction with content from the core curriculum. Classroom teachers and the library media specialist work as partners to address key objectives in language arts, math, social studies and science collaboratively.

 American Association of School Librarians. (1991). Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling. Chicago: American Library Association. 



We have opened up an Exciting World of Reading for our students at Meek Elementary!
We added Accelerated Reader Enterprise, a web-based program, at Meek Elementary. It offers unlimited access to more than 100,000 quizzes on books from publishers around the world. With so many fun, motivational quizzes to choose from, our students will be able to read most any book they choose—from home, from the school library, from the public library—and immediately take the associated Accelerated Reader Enterprise quiz. We now have unlimited access to all of them, as well as any new ones as they are created. 

Donations are always greatly appreciated and very much needed.

"How to evaluate a web site for research" 
1. Source and reliability 
Where did this site come from? Who created it (author)? (University, 
education, professional or expert, etc...) Is it accurate? Are the sources 
sited? Is the information believable? 

2. Accessibility 
Is it updated frequently? Who is in charge of the updates? Is the site easy 
to access? 

3. Links 
What other links will this site take you to? Are they appropriate for 

4. Content 
Is there a good amount of text or is it mostly graphics? Is the content 
organized into meaningful categories? Does the site cover the subject in 
sufficient depth? 

5. Evaluate 
Does the site have a clear focus? Is the information valuable to the 
research project? 

* These documents require an adobe reader. If needed Adobe can be downloaded here.



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Association for Library Service for Children


Award Winners

Alabama Camellia Award 

Caldecott Medal 

Michael L. Printz Award 

Newbery Medal Winner 


Everything for Book Lovers

Book Spot is a free resource center that simplifies the search for the best book-related content on the Web.It contains links to bestseller lists, genres, book reviews, electronic texts, book news and more. 


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